Search Engine Optimization and Voice Search | A Few Thoughts


We all cannot agree more that today, just about every business is in need of search engine optimization to augment their online visibility for the purpose of increasing their sales and business.

In today’s time everyone has an online presence in the form of a website. And everybody wants to leverage that.


You will not find a single person who has a running website and who doesn’t want to make money online. It can either be by selling their services or products.

And that varies from business to business.

And if a business has a website then it becomes quite significant for them to show up at least in the first 10 results of Google search.


Let’s try and understand this by an example.

Suppose you have an eatery and also have a website regarding that. And you are known for selling the best “chicken tikkas” in your area.

So, if someone in your area types “best chicken tikka near me” or “affordable restaurants near me” and then, if the name of your website doesn’t show up on Google for those keywords then it doesn’t really make sense at all to have an online website going on in the first place – if we are talking in terms of Google search results also known as SERP’s.

This is the role of having a good SEO done to your website.
However, times have been changing.


New things are coming up – actually, they already have. Yes, I am talking about voice search.

It means all you need to do now is say the phrase or the query which you are looking for and Google will show the results hearing your voice. You won’t have to type anything.

But the question is that, will this technology of Google voice search be able to take over the text. COMPLETELY?

I don’t think so.

No doubt that businesses will have to incorporate voice search SEO strategies related to their businesses which will prove to be beneficial for them in the longer run.


They will have to work on keywords like best restaurants near me and long tail keywords related to their industry.

As we generally tend to ask a complete question from Google when doing a voice search as compared to writing just a word or two while doing a text-based query on search engines.

And a question is a complete sentence in itself. Isn’t it so?

So, we will have to look up to that as well while implementing our search engine strategies.

But the question still remains…

Will voice search be able to completely take over text queries.

I don’t think so.

And if you ask me why?

Then the answer to that is privacy. No one would want to say their query out aloud in the public. For example, if you are travelling in the metro which is jam-packed, then most of the people will prefer to type what they want to search instead of saying it out aloud.

They won’t just want everyone to hear what they are searching for and what they are interested in that particular moment.

However, if they are okay with it then they would say it but there are people like me, plenty of them, who don’t want to let other people know about what are they searching or who are they calling to.

Or if you are in the market and don’t want other people to know what you are going to search then again you will type rather than saying.

And it has also been seen that not every time our phone catches exactly what we convey to it.

For example, if we ask something which doesn’t exactly align with its accent protocol then there are chances that it won’t catch it right and you will have to say it all over again.

However, it is the next big thing. And will definitely impact the world of online marketing in a huge way.

For that, we will have to wait for the future.

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