How to Cultivate a Strong Sense of Discipline in Life (5 Quick Ways)

August 12, 2020

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment – Jim Rohn

Discipline, self-control, will power, resolve are a few words that are used interchangeably and in a very casual way by people.

However, when it comes to practice, most of us DON’T find ourselves familiar with them in any way.

No doubt, that building self-discipline in life can be a tough process, however, in the end, it is always worth it based on how important a role it plays in each and every one of our lives.

Because anyone that you see as a successful person today (and maybe aspire to be like them) followed a rigorous self-discipline schedule to make it big back in the day.

But the question is how to achieve this state of mindfulness? How to cultivate self-discipline in life?

As it is one of the most important life-skills, here are 10 proven methods that will help you build a life of self-discipline.

#1. Find Motivation


How do you do that?

I will say that start by watching content around that topic and read a lot. For instance, if you love to draw then

  • Watch videos around that topic
  • Read a lot about the topic
  • See what other people in that field are doing and have done in the past
  • Watch how much better these people are and were from you
  • Learn from them
  • Observe their craft and see what more value you can add to it

#2. Start Small


There is no need to take a giant of a project on hand in a single go or think that you have to be at par with someone like Leonardo Da Vinci in the first go.

There is no need for that. Rather, take your time. Learn, unlearn and repeat.

The best part is you get to create a life of self-discipline along the road.

#3. Try and Get Out of Your Discomfort (Break the Comfort Zone)


This is perhaps one of the most important lessons when it comes to learning self-discipline.

At some point or the other, you will have to get out of your comfort zone. Thus, it would be best that train your mind for that well beforehand.

Learn to embrace discomfort. The sooner you do it. The better.

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#4. Be Mindful to Not Quit (Perhaps the most Essential Trait for Cultivating Self-Discipline)


In your journey, you may feel like quitting. Not once but several times.

However, you don’t have to! Because as I said, the journey is the reward in itself. To help you get it here are a few tips on how to be mindful?

  • Slow down
  • Eat mindfully
  • Spend your time in nature like a park
  • Start meditation
  • Focus on one thing at a time

#5. Don’t be Moody


By this, I mean to not to skip your work or give up to procrastination. At times, we tend to feel like taking a break (which can be a good thing if taken at the right point and for the right time) however not always.

Moodiness has the power of ruining beautiful things in life, thus, keep yourself as much faraway from this habit as you can.

So, these were the five quick ways to develop self-discipline in your life. I sincerely hope you would have liked it.

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